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We love hearing what our clients say about us!

If you need to get your spine adjusted, see Dr. Jillian Klemek. She has a special Teddy Bear named Click that you can hold so you don't get scared. My neck feels good when she adjusts it and helps with my headaches. She is really good with kids!

Olivia S.


My husband and myself highly recommend Klemek Chiropractic. I am pregnant and Dr. Jillian was very gentle and cautious of my situation. She is extremely knowledgeable. My husband was deaf in one ear from ear infections and she cured him after many years of failed attempts at the doctors office. Klemek Chiropractic makes you feel like family from the time you walk in the door until the moment you leave and beyond!

Ashley & Scott I.

Pregnancy & Ear Infections

I have 2 plates in my neck from injuries so I am very careful about who I let adjust me. Dr. Jillian Klemek is by far the best at working with my limitations and still producing great results.

Mark R.

Neck Pain

I get a tight neck, but I am so sensitive no one can relax me enough to adjust it. Dr. Jillian thought about it and did a technique that worked and I never tensed up. No one has ever done that for me.

Yvonne R.

Neck Pain

My daughter and I struggled through our first couple weeks of breastfeeding. She nursed fine but it would take a handful of times for her to latch on and it was very painful for me. After one adjustment with Dr. Jillian she started latching on the first try. Continued care showed improvement in her range of motion and sleep patterns. I highly recommend infant chiropractic care to any mothers. Dr Jillian does a great job explaining the care she's providing to ease any mom jitters about having your baby adjusted.



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